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Audit of Political Engagement 6

Audit of Political Engagement 6 (2009)The annual Audit of Political Engagement carried out by the Hansard Society measures the nature and extent of political engagement and reveals where views have changed – and where they remain constant. It offers a yearly snapshot of political knowledge and engagement in Britain.

Audit 6 has a special focus on the public’s attitudes to political participation and citizenship and explores issues such as the degree to which people want to be actively involved in decision-making locally and nationally, how influential in decision-making they feel they are, and how satisfied they are with the system of governance in Britain.

This Audit indicates that an ‘Obama effect’ may be developing among British black and ethnic minorities (BMEs):

  • 41% of BMEs agree that ‘when people like me get involved in politics, they really can change the way that the country is run’ compared to 31% of whites – a 10% increase since 2007
  • 42% of BMEs are ‘very’ or ‘fairly’ interested in politics -a 15% increase since 2007
  • 43% think the present system of governing works well compared to 32% of whites – the first time in six annual Audits that BME respondents are more optimistic than whites

Download the full Audit of Political Engagement 6

For more information about the Audit of Political Engagement Series, click here. The raw survey data from the opinion polling carried out by Ipsos MORI for Audit 6 is available to download here.

Audit 6 was funded by the Ministry of Justice and the House of Commons.


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