Our education and democracy training programmes support citizens, particularly young people, to develop the knowledge and confidence they need to play an active role in our democracy and be future leaders in civic and political life. We run the largest mock elections in schools programme anywhere in the world and we have provided thousands of teachers with award-winning curriculum resources and bespoke training across the country. The Society was instrumental in the adoption of citizenship education as part of the national curriculum a decade ago and continues to campaign for improvements in political literacy support for young people, most recently as a founding member of the Democratic Life coalition. 

We also provide bespoke training and executive education programmes on constitutional, political and parliamentary issues. In recent years we have hosted development programmes focused on parliamentary strengthening and public engagement for delegations of MPs, government officials and civil society campaigners from countries such as Argentina, Burma, China, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Norway, Serbia, South Africa, and Vietnam. Find out more about our range of programmes and what we can offer.


Current projects

Mock elections

For over 50 years the Hansard Society has run national mock elections in schools and colleges across the country, making it the biggest mock elections programme anywhere in the world. At the 2010 general election 250,000 students took part and in the last decade, since it went online, one million young people have been given their first taste of how elections work. Our Mock Elections toolkit provides schools with all the resources and advice needed to organise an event that mirrors the excitement and buzz of a real election, from registering to vote to the count – and everything in between. The Society aggregates the results from schools across the country to create a national result offering a unique insight into what young people think about politics during a national election. You can register for our free Mock Elections toolkit at and find out what other schools are doing over on our Mock Elections blog.

Parliament SquarePeople to Parliament

Our democracy training course, targeted at disengaged and under-represented groups, provides community leaders with the knowledge and skills they need to get involved in the parliamentary process and connect with key decision-makers. The course includes a six week evening training programme exploring how Parliament and our wider democratic system works, and a short placement with an MP to provide participants with hands-on experience of Parliament and the opportunity to meet politicians and parliamentary staff. The project is currently training BME citizens in London with the support of the City Bridge Trust and in partnership with Somali Diaspora UK 


Parliament RevealedParliament Revealed

Our latest online learning tool provides parliamentarians and civil society in emerging and aspiring democracies with an ‘insiders guide’ to the Westminster Parliament. A series of online interviews with MPs, Peers and parliamentary staff explore how the UK parliamentary system works: the history and constitutional position of Parliament, how laws are made and scrutinised, the role of our representatives, and how Parliament operates day-to-day. There is a 30 minute video introduction to Parliament and a range of linked resources and materials.  



Our resources


EU Explained cover
Parliament and Schools cover
Big Ben and All That!
Developed with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, this free resource pack helps students understand the EU and how it works, build awareness of the impact the EU has on their lives, and explains how they can influence decisions made in Brussels and Strasbourg.
This free resource pack, developed with Parliament’s Education Service, provides guidance to helps teachers and students, and MPs and Peers, to organise a successful school visit so young people can make the most of a meeting with their parliamentary representatives. 
Developed with the Association for Citizenship Teaching (ACT), this free CD-Rom gives teachers the inside scoop on what goes on in Westminster through bite-sized interviews with MPs, Peers, and teachers and archived footage of Parliament in action.

Past work

HeadsUp online forumsHeadsUp was an online forum for under 18s to debate political issues with their peers up and down the country, and with influential decision-makers. It provided a safe, student-oriented space where young people become more informed about political issues, improve their discussion skills and let adults with political influence know what they think. HeadsUp ran for 10 years from 2003-2013, generation almost 10,000 students comments across 50 forums. Write-ups of the debates were circulated to parliamentarians and policy makers, and were cited on numerous occasions in Parliament.

Press enquiries

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Research team

Dr Ruth Fox, Director and Head of Research

Joel Blackwell, Senior Researcher

Scholars Programme dates

Dates for upcoming programmes:

Spring 2016
January 16 - April 23
Fee: £10,250.

Summer 2016
May 21 - July 16
Fee: £6200.

Autumn 2016
September 3 - December 10
Fee: £10,500.

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