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No Overall Control: The impact of a hung parliament on British politics

No Overall Control (2008)No Overall Control? The impact of a ‘hung parliament’ on British politics

Edited by Alex Brazier and Susanna Kalitowski

There has been increasing speculation that the next UK general election might produce a parliament in which no single party holds a majority of seats – a ‘hung parliament’. It is over 30 years since the last hung parliament so what would be the modern day consequences for Parliament, the political parties, individual MPs, and the public? Would a hung parliament strengthen Parliament and better reflect the wishes of the electorate or would it render government indecisive and unstable?

No Overall Control?, a new edited collection of essays from distinguished commentators, academics and parliamentarians, discusses the implications of a hung parliament and presents a range of different views on the subject.

The book contains chapters by Alex Brazier, Vernon Bogdanor, David Butler, Philip Cowley, Mark Crowley, David Docherty, Mark Gill, Simon Hughes, Simon Jenkins, Susanna Kalitowski, Helen Margetts, Austin Mitchell, James Mitchell, Roseanne Palmer, Philip Norton and Stephen Thornton.

Download: No Overall Control: The impact of a hung parliament on British politics.

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