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Mock Elections in schoolsOver one million young people have been given their first taste of elections since the launch of in 2003

Building on the Hansard Society’s 50 year experience of running mock elections, provides all of the ballot papers, campaign guidance, rosette templates and other material schools need to organise an exciting election event.

Students get into the campaigning spirit by canvassing support, running as candidates, creating manifestos, delivering speeches and designing campaign posters as well as casting their first votes on the day. Mock elections give students a first hand insight into how voting and the democratic process work. Teachers can either print off a comprehensive resource pack containing a step-by-step guide to running the elections or follow instructions online.

Our new website also has sections aimed at students where they can find out about voting, gain advice on campaigning, complete quizzes, take part in polls and access video footage about voting and the work of MPs.

Y Vote Mock Elections are an active citizenship exercise and a great way to teach young people about government and representative democracy. It equips them with valuable skills that will enable them to participate fully in future elections.

Many of the resources for running your own mock election can be found on the mock elections website. Teachers should register on the mock elections website, and nearer the time of the next election they will then receive extra information, election resources and support.

EUExplainedEU Explained is the Hansard Society’s teaching resource on the European Union and it is now available to teachers for free.

Developed with the support of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO), EU Explained helps teachers to give their students a greater awareness about how the EU operates, the impact it has on the UK and how they can seek to influence the decisions made there.

The pack contains:

  • Quizzes;
  • A history of the EU;
  • Lesson plans;
  • Role play activities;
  • Guidance on arranging visits to Brussels and visits from MEPs.
  • EU Explained gives teachers the information they need to organise engaging lessons and enable their student’s to understand how the EU works.

To order your PDF copy, please email , Please include your name, position, school name and school postcode.

Parliament in SchoolsThe Hansard Society and Parliament’s Education Service have developed the Parliamentarians and Schools pack to helps teachers, MPs, Lords and students to organise a successful school visit.

Parliamentarians visits to schools increase young people’s understanding of Parliament’s work, impact and relevance, and give students the opportunity to express their own views on topical issues to their local MP or a Member of the House of Lords.

This free pack includes:

  • A model to ensure a well structured and focused visit, which can be used by teachers, MPs and Lords;
  • Student-led activities to allow them ownership over the day and the opportunity to have their say;
  • Resources and activities to explore issues around parliamentary democracy and voting.

Give your students the confidence to question parliamentarians…organise a visit and get them engaged. To order your copy of the pack please email with:

  • Your name
  • Your job title
  • Your email address
  • Your school’s postal address

Big Ben and All ThatGet to grips with the inner workings of Westminster and find out what MPs “actually” do in the course of a week with the Big Ben and All That! CD-Rom.

Developed by the Hansard Society and the Association for Citizenship Teaching (ACT), this free resource gives teachers the inside scoop on what goes on in Westminster through interviews with MPs, Lords, and teachers as well as archived footage from Parliament. It’s perfect for bolstering knowledge of the UK Parliament so teachers can approach the teaching of political literacy with real confidence.

The resource aims to:

  • Provide accessible and interesting material that will enhance teachers’ understanding of the parliamentary system by bringing together factual information in a creative way;
  • Enhance the quality of teaching students receive within the political literacy strand of the Citizenship curriculum, through better understanding of the parliamentary system;
  • Contribute to a positive learning experience for students and hence greater engagement with, and willingness to participate in, formal politics;
  • Share good practice that emerges from the use of the CD Rom by teachers.

To order your free copy please of Big Ben and All That! contact:

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