Evidence submissions

Evidence submissions

The Hansard Society regularly submits evidence to select committees and other bodies on areas relevant to our research and core mission, and our staff are often invited to give evidence in person as a result. The table below contains a list of evidence submissions and committee appearances in recent years.


Evidence toSubjectDateType
BYC Youth Select CommitteeVotes at 162014Oral and written
Procedure CommitteeDelegated Legislation2014Oral
Joint Committee on the draft Deregulation BillDraft Deregulation Bill2013Oral
Lords Constitution CommitteeThe Constitutional Implications of Coalition Government2013Oral and written
Administration CommitteeFirst weeks at Westminster: induction arrangements for new MPs in 20152013Written
Procedure CommitteePrivate Members' Bills2012Oral
Administration CommitteeVisitor Access2012Oral
Liaison CommitteeEffectiveness of Select Committees2012Oral and written
Political and Constitutional Reform CommitteeEnsuring standards in the quality of legislation2012Oral and written
Cabinet OfficeThe Cabinet Manual2011Written
Joint Committee on House of Lords ReformHouse of Lords Reform2011Written
Lords Constitution CommitteeConstitutional Processes2011Written
Members' Expenses CommitteeInquiry into the Operation of the Parliamentary Standards Act 20092011Oral and
Procedure CommitteeSitting hours and the Parliamentary calendar2011Oral and written
National Assembly for WalesReview of Standing Orders2010Oral and written
Independent Parliamentary Standards AuthorityMPs' expenses system2010Written
Committee on Standards in Public LifeParty Funding2010Oral and written
Liberal DemocratsDiversity Review2010Written
Lords Constitution CommitteeFixed Term Parliament2010Oral and written
Lords Leader's GroupReform of Working Practices2010Written
Public Administration Select CommitteeRole of Ministers2010Written
Political and Constitutional Reform CommitteeVoting & Parliamentary Reform2010Written
Political and Constitutional Reform CommitteeLessons from the Process of Government Formation after the 2010 General Election2010Oral and written
Treasury CommitteeOffice for Budget Responsiblility2010Written
Reform of the House of Commons CommitteeReform of the House of Commons2009Written
Merits of Statutory Instruments CommitteePost-Implementation Scrutiny of Statutory Instruments2009Written
Lords Constitution CommitteeEmergency Legislation2009Oral and written
Lords Information CommitteeParliament and the Public2009Oral and written
Committee on Standards in Public LifeMPs' Expenses2009Oral and written
Public Administration Select CommitteeGood Government2009Written
Speaker's Conference on Parliamentary RepresentationParliamentary Representation2009Oral
Public Administration Select CommitteeUser Involvement in Public Services2008Oral
Scottish Parliament Finance CommitteeReview of the Budget Process2008Oral and written
Modernisation CommitteeRole of a Backbencher2007Oral and written
Modernisation CommitteeRecall and Dissolution of Parliament2007Written
Procedure CommitteeWritten Parliamentary Questions2007Written
Public Administration Select CommitteeLobbying2007Written
Cabinet OfficeEffective Consultation2007Written
Ministry of JusticeGovernance of Britain2007Written
Modernisation CommitteeThe Legislative Process2006Written
Procedure CommitteeEarly Day Motions2006Written
Administration Sub-CommitteeParliamentary Visitor Centre2006Written
Modernisation CommitteeConnecting Parliament with the Public2006Oral
Constitution UnitHow the House of Commons governs itself2006Written
Law CommissionPost-Legislative Scrutiny2006Written
Lords EU CommitteeCommunication with the public on Europe2006Written
Merits of Statutory Instruments CommitteeManagement of Secondary Legislation2005Written
Power InquiryPower Inquiry into Britain's Democracy2005Written
Procedure CommitteeProgramming of Legislation2004Written
Modernisation CommitteeConnecting Parliament with the Public2004Written
Lords Constitution CommitteeParliament and the Legislative Process2004Written
Lords Constitution CommitteeThe Regulatory State: Ensuring it's accountability2003Written
Procedure CommitteePrivate Members' Bills2003Oral and written
Modernisation CommitteeModernisation of the House of Commons2001Oral and written
Procedure CommitteeParliamentary Questions2001Written

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