Historic publications

Historic publications

The Hansard Society was founded in 1944 and has been producing books, reports and pamphlets ever since. Below is a list of our publications from 1944-1999. This is not a definitive list – when time and resourcing allows, further archival research will be undertaken to identify and add more historical Hansard Society materials. Where available, we have made scanned copies available to download.

If there are titles on the list without a download link that you wish to read, contact us and we will see if an electronic copy can be made available.

Strathearn GordonOur Parliament1945
Stephen King-HallParliamentary Government in Britain: A Symposium1949
Stephen King-HallPapers on Parliament: A Symposium1949
Sydney D. BaileyThe Palace of Westminster1949
Sydney D. BaileyThe Palace of Westminster (The Houses of Parliament)1949
Hansard SocietyThe Story of the Hansard Society1950
Sydney D. BaileyParliamentary Government in the Commonwealth1951
Hansard SocietyLords and Commons: How Parliament Began and How it Works1951
Strathearn GordonThe British Parliament1952
Sydney D. BaileyPolitical Parties and the Party System in Britain: A Symposium1952
Hansard SocietyRules of the Hansard Society1952
Hansard SocietyProblems of Parliamentary Government in the Colonies1953
Sydney D. BaileyParliamentary Government in Southern Asia: An introductory essay on developments in Burma, Ceylon, India, and Pakistan, 1947-521953
Sydney D. BaileyThe Future of the House of Lords: A Symposium1954
Hansard SocietyLords & Commons etc.1954
R. S. Milne, H. C. MackenzieStraight Fight: A study of voting behaviour in the constituency of Bristol North-East at the General Election of 19511954
Stephen King-Hall, Richard K. UllmanGerman Parliaments: A study of the development of representative institutions in Germany1954
David Cushman CoyleThe United States Political System and How It Works1954
Professor Dell G. HitchnerThe American Section of the Hansard Society for Parliamentary Government 1956-19571957
Roy PryceHow to Visit the British Parliament1957
John Eaves, Jr.Emergency Powers and the Parliamentary Watchdog: Parliament and the Executive in Great Britain, 1939-19511957
Professor Dell G. HitchnerThe Study of American Government and a Bibliography1957
J. A. ThomasThe House of Commons 1906-19111958
Hansard SocietyWhat are the problems of Parliamentary Government in West Africa1958
Frank C NewmanMoney and Party Politics1958
Dr E. Van RaalteThe Parliament of the Kingdom of the Netherlands1959
C. R. Niven, Ernest Egbuna, R. A. Doherty, Sir Frederic MetcalfeNotes on Parliamentary Procedure1959
Hansard SocietyParliamentary reform 1933-1958 : a survey of suggested reforms.1959
Peter RegentThe Parliament of Ghana1959
Barbara Smith, Geoffrey OstergaardConstitutional Relations Between the Labour and Co-operative Parties: An historical review1959
John PalmerGovernment and Parliament in Britain: A Bibliography1960
Alfred JunzPresent Trends in American National Government1960
Hansard SocietyA Visit To Parliament1960
Albert MavrinacOrganization and Procedure of the National Assembly of the Fifth French Republic1960
Stephen King-HallMen of Destiny1960
Geoffrey de FreitasThe North Atlantic Treaty Organization Parliamentarians' Conference 1955-19591960
Wilder CraneThe Legislature of Lower Austria1961
A. Aspinall, Barbara Dodwell, M. D. Lambert, C. F. Slade, E. A. SmithParliament through Seven Centuries1962
Robin DayThe Case for Televising Parliament1963
John PalmerGovernment and Parliament in Britain: A Bibliography (2nd ed. Revised and expanded)1964
Hansard SocietyYour Parliament1964
Hansard SocietyThe General Election [A wall chart for the 1964 General Election]1964
Joseph Harned and Gerhard MallyAtlantic Assembly: Proposals and Prospects1965
Gerhard MalleyBritain and European Unity1966
Michael Craton, H. W. McCreadyThe Great Liberal Revival, 1903-61966
Hansard SocietyParliamentary Reform: A survey of recent proposals for the commons1967
Geoffrey de FreitasEuropean Assembly 1949-19691968
Geoffrey de FreitasAssemblée Européenne 1949-19691969
Graham CawthorneA Visit To Parliament1976
Lord BlakeReport of the Hansard Society Commission on Electoral Reform1976
Hansard SocietyDod's Parliamentary Companion1976
Robert StradlingThe Political Awareness of the School Leaver1977
Hansard SocietyThe British People: Their voice in Europe1978
Hansard SocietyPolitics and Industry - The Great Mismatch - Report of a Committee sponsered by The Hansard Society for Parliamentary Government1979
Hansard SocietyReferendums: guidelines for the future1980
Rt Hon Edmund DellPaying for Politics: The report of the commission upon the financing of political parties1981
Professor Bryan Keith LucasThe Hansard Society: The First Forty Years1984
Robert StradlingMonitoring the Televising of the House of Lords: An Interim Report1985
Rt Hon Edmund DellCompany donations to political parties: a suggested code of practice1985
Robert Stradling, Eva BennettTelevising The House of Lords1986
Derek HeaterParliament at Work1988
Alastair Hetherington, Kay Weaver and Michael RyleCameras in the Commons: The Study for the Hansard Society on the Televising of the House of Commons1990
Lady HoweWomen at the Top: Report of the Commission on Women at the Top1990
Rt Hon Christopher ChatawayAgenda for Change: The Report of the Hansard Society Commission on Election Campaigns1991
Lord Rippon of HexhamMaking the Law: The Report of the Hansard Society Commission on the Legislative Process1992
Hansard SocietyThe Parliament and Government Pocket Book 19931993
Hansard SocietyThe Parliament and Government Pocket Book 1994/951994
Anthony Lester QC, Lindsay Mackie, Michael RenshallWhat Price Hansard?1994
F Ridley and Michael RushBritish Government and Politics since 19451995
F Ridley and Alain DoigSleaze: Politicians, private interests and the public reaction1995
F Ridley and David WilsonThe Quango Debate1995
Hansard SocietyThe Parliament and Government Pocket Book 19961996
Professor Susan McRaeWomen at the Top: Progress after five years1996
F Ridley and Brain ThompsonUnder the Scott-Light: British Government seen through the Scott report1997
Dr Stephen ColemanTelevised Leaders’ Debates1997
Graham LeicesterWestminster and Europe: proposals for change1997
John Flemming FBAThe Report of the Commission on the Regulation of Privatised Utilities1997
F. Ridley and Grant JordanProtest politics: Cause groups and campaigns1998
Professor Philip NortonThe consequences of devolution1998
Hansard SocietyThe Parliament and Government Pocket Book 19981998
Dr David ButlerThe Case for an Electoral Commission1998
Dr Stephen ColemanElection Call: A democratic public forum?1999
David MiersThe Deregulation Procedure: an evaluation1999
David McKieMedia Coverage of Parliament1999
Donald Shell and Philip GiddingsThe Future of Parliament: reform of the Second Chamber1999
Dr Stephen ColemanThe Electronic Media, Parliament and the People: Making Democracy Visible1999
Sir Stephen King-HallThe Hansard Society for Parliamentary Government?
Hansard SocietyMap of the New Parliamentary Constituencies?
Hansard SocietyA brief account of the origin and work of the Hansard Society for Parliamentary Government with an Introduction by Sir Stephen King-Hall, and a list of corporate members and supporters?

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