Modern publications

Modern publications

Our publications are arranged under the following themes. The vast majority of our publications are free to download – a small number are charged for.

For more information about the work behind these publications, check out the Research pages, and more of our published writing on these subjects can be found in our extensive history of evidence submissions to select committees, government departments and other bodies.

Democracy and Constitutional reform

Robert Blackburn, Ruth Fox, Oonagh Gay, Lucinda MaerWho Governs? Forming a coalition or a minority government in the event of a hung Parliament2010
Andrew Geddes and Jon TongeBritain Votes 20102010
Hansard SocietyPolitical Accountability and Transparency briefing paper - Restoring Trust in the House of Lords2009
Charlie Jeffrey and James MitchellThe Scottish Parliament 1999-2009: The First Decade2009
Alex Brazier and Susanna KalitowskiNo Overall Control? The impact of a 'hung parliament' on British politics2008
Dr Phil ParvinFriend or Foe: Lobbying in British democracy2007
Lord ParekhDemocracy and Political Parties2007
Professor Paul WebbDemocracy and Political Parties2007
Prof Haleh AfsharDemocracy and Islam2006
Prof Stephen ColemanHow the other half votes2006
Lord DahrendorfDemocracy and Capitalism2006
Dr Chris BallingerDemocracy and Voting2006
Michael Rush and Philip GiddingsPalgrave Review of British Politics 20052006
Pippa Norris and Christopher WlezienBritain Votes 20052005
Pippa NorrisBritain Votes 20012001

More research on democratic reform.

Digital politics

Hansard Society#futurenews: The Communication of Parliamentary Democracy in a Digital World2013
Freddy Fallon, Beccy Allen & Andy WilliamsonParliament 2020: Visioning the Future Parliament2011
Freddy Fallon, Beccy Allen & Andy WilliamsonParliament 2020: Visioning the Future Parliament: International comparisons2011
Freddy Fallon, Chris Kendall & Andy WilliamsonParliament 2020: Visioning the Future Parliament: Report on the National Congress of Chile2010
Andy WilliamsonDigital Citizens and Democratic Participation2010
Rachel K. Gibson, Andy Williamson and Stephen Ward The internet and the 2010 election2010
Andy Williamson, Laura Miller and Freddy FallonBehind The Digital Campaign2010
Andy WilliamsonMPs Online: Connecting with Constituents2009
Hansard SocietyDigital Dialogues Third Phase Report: August 2007 - 20082008
Ross Ferguson and Laura MillerParliament for the Future (P4tF)2007
Ross Ferguson, Barry Griffiths and Laura MillerDigital Dialogues - Second Phase Report2007
Ross Ferguson, Megan Griffiths, Milica Howell and Karl WildingICT Foresight - consultation and campaigning in the age of participatory media2006
Ross FergusonDigital Dialogues - Interim Report2006
Hansard SocietyWeblogs - a powerful voice for campaigns?2005
Ross FergusonTell Parliament2005
Stephen Coleman and Stephen WardSpinning the Web2005
Barry Griffiths & Milica HowellDiabetes Dialogue - Online Consultation Report2005
Ross Ferguson and Milica HowellPolitical Blogs - Craze or Convention?2004
Professor Stephen ColemanA Tale of Two Houses2003
Stephen ColemanTechnology: Enhancing Representative Democracy in the UK?2002
Stephen Coleman with Barry Griffiths and Eleanor SimmonsDigital Jury: The final verdict2002
Dr Stephen Coleman with Nicola Hall and Milica HowellHearing Voices: The experience of online public consultations and discussions in UK governance2002
Melissa McCarthyPast the Post: Older People and New Technology2002
Chris Ballinger and Stephen ColemanElectoral Law and the Internet2001
Dr Stephen ColemanDemocracy Online: What do we want from MPs' web sites?2001
Stephen Coleman2001: Cyber Space Odyssey – The internet in the UK election2001
Nicola HallBuilding Digital Bridges2001
Stephen Coleman and John GøtzeBowling Together: Online Public Engagement in Policy Deliberation2001
Tom SteinbergA Strategic Guide for Online MPs2001
Stephen Coleman, John Taylor and Wim van de DonkParliament in the Age of the Internet2000
Dr Stephen ColemanElections in the age of the internet; lessons from the United States2000
Dr Stephen Coleman and Emilie NormannNew Media and Social Inclusion2000
Dr Stephen Coleman (ed.)e-guide for parliamentarians: how to be an online representative2000
Alex Allane-democracy: A Hansard Society lecture2000

More research on digital democracy.

Law making

Alex Brazier and Ruth FoxEnhancing the Role of Backbench MPs: Proposals for Reform of Private Members' Bills2011
Ruth Fox and Matt KorrisMaking Better Law: Reform of the legislative process from policy to Act2010
Alex Brazier, Susanna Kalitowski and Gemma Rosenblatt with Matt KorrisLaw in the Making: Influence and Change in the Legislative Process2008
Alex Brazier, Susanna Kalitowski and Gemma RosenblattLaw in the Making - Discussion Paper2007
Alex Brazier with Declan McHugh and Sam LovettIssues in Law Making - Briefing Paper 9: Joint Committees2006
Alex Brazier with Declan McHugh, Ragnhild Handagard, David Bloom and Alice CaseyIssues in Law Making - Briefing Paper 8: Parliamentary Scrutiny of European Union Business2006
Alex BrazierIssues in Law Making - Briefing Paper 7: European Union Legislation: The Regulatory Environment2005
Alex BrazierIssues in Law Making - Briefing Paper 6: Post Legislative Scrutiny2005
Alex BrazierIssues in Law Making - Briefing Paper 5: Pre-Legislative Scrutiny2004
Alex BrazierIssues in Law Making - Briefing Paper 4: Programming of Legislation2004
Alex BrazierParliament, Politics and Law Making: Issues and developments in the legislative process2004
Alex BrazierIssues in Law Making - Briefing Paper 3: Delegated Legislation2003
Alex BrazierIssues in Law Making - Briefing Paper 2: Standing Committees2003
Alex BrazierIssues in Law Making - Briefing Paper 1: Private Members' Bills2003
Greg PowerParliamentary Scrutiny of Draft Legislation 1997-19992000

More research on the law making.


Hansard SocietyMeasured or Makeshift? Parliamentary scrutiny of the European Union2013
Dr Ruth FoxThe working practices of the House of Lords: proposals for reform2011
Hansard SocietyThe Reform Challenge: Perspectives on Parliament: Past, present and future2010
Hansard SocietyHouse of Commons Reform briefing paper2009
Alex Brazier and Vidya RamThe Fiscal Maze2006
Alex Brazier, Declan McHugh and Matthew FlindersNew Politics, New Parliament?2005
Alex Brazier and Vidya RamInside the Counting House2005
Declan McHugh & Philip ParvinNeglecting Democracy2005
Hansard Society and Houses of ParliamentYour Parliament2004
Alex BrazierParliament at the Apex: Parliamentary scrutiny and regulatory bodies2003
Clare Ettinghausen and Michael RushOpening Up the Usual Channels2002
Lord Newton of BraintreeThe Challenge for Parliament: Making Government Accountable: Report of the Hansard Society Commission on Parliamentary Scrutiny2001
Angela Smith-HughesParliament, the City and Financial Regulation2001
Richard AdamsOpening the Budget-Box. The Background to the pre-budget process2001
Stephen ColemanSounding out the Public: A review of the national discussion on reform of the Second Chamber2000
Alex BrazierSystematic Scrutiny: Reforming the Select Committees2000
Alex BrazierParliament and the Public Purse: Improving Financial Scrutiny2000
Greg PowerCreating a Working Parliament: Reform of the Commons Chamber2000

More research on Parliament.

Political engagement

Hansard SocietyAudit of Political Engagement 112014
Hansard SocietyTuned in or Turned off? Public attitudes to Prime Minister’s Questions2014
Hansard SocietyAudit of Political Engagement 102013
Hansard SocietyParliaments and Public Engagement: Innovation and Good Practice from Around the World2012
Hansard SocietyAudit of Political Engagement 9: Part One2012
Hansard SocietyWhat next for e-petitions?2012
Hansard SocietyAudit of Political Engagement 9: Part Two - The media and politics2012
Hansard SocietyA Place for People: Proposals for Enhancing Visitor Engagement with Parliament’'s Environs2011
Hansard SocietyAudit of Political Engagement 8: with a focus on coalition politics, civic involvement and the Big Society2011
Hansard SocietyConnecting Citizens to Parliament2011
Hansard SocietyAudit of Political Engagement 7: with a focus on MPs and Parliament2010
Hansard SocietyAudit of Political Engagement 6: with a focus on political participation and citizenship2009
Hansard SocietyAudit of Political Engagement 5: with a special focus on the constitution2008
Susanna KalitowskiParliament and the Public: Knowledge, interest and perceptions2008
Electoral Commission & Hansard SocietyAn Audit of Political Engagement 42007
Hansard SocietyBriefing Note - Public Attitudes to House of Lords Reform2007
Electoral Commission & Hansard SocietyAn Audit of Political Engagement 32006
Hansard SocietyReaching the Public - An Examination of Options for Parliamentary Outreach2006
Gemma RosenblattParliament in the Public Eye 2006: Coming into Focus?2006
David PuttnamMembers Only? Parliament in the Public Eye: The Report of the Hansard Society Commission on the Communication of Parliamentary Democracy2005
Electoral Commission & Hansard SocietyAn Audit of Political Engagement 22005
Electoral Commission & Hansard SocietyAn Audit of Political Engagement2004
Dr Stephen Coleman and Dr Karen RossThe Public, Politics and the Spaces Between: Election Call and democratic accountability2002
Dr Stephen ColemanTelevised Leaders' Debates Revisited2001
Virginia GibbonsThe People Have Spoken: who votes and who doesnt2001
Shelagh DiplockNone of the Above: non-voters and the 2001 election2001
Jackie AshleyI Spy Strangers: Improving Access to Parliament2000
J. M. WoberWatching Parliament on TV: The views from Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland2000

More research on public engagement with politics, and the Audit of Political Engagement series.


Dr Mary C MurphyAt Home in the New House? A study of new Members in Ireland2013
Matt KorrisAssembly Line? The Experiences and Development of new Assembly Members2013
Counting Women InSex and Power 2013: Who runs Britain?2013
Dr Ruth FoxWomen at the Top 2011-12 - briefing paper2011-12
Matt KorrisA Year in the Life: from member of public to Member of Parliament: interim briefing paper2011
Joyce McMillan and Ruth FoxHas Devolution Delivered for Women?2010
Hansard SocietyWhat's trust got to do with it? Public trust in and Expectations of Politicians and Parliament2010
Hansard SocietyPaying for Politics - the Principles of Funding Political Parties2006
Gemma RosenblattA Year in the Life: From member of public to Member of Parliament2006
Sarah Childs, Joni Lovenduski & Rosie CampbellWomen at the Top 2005: Changing Numbers, Changing Politics?2005
John Healey MP, Mark Gill and Declan McHughMPs and politics in our time2005
Dr Karen RossWomen: Politics and Change2002
Clare EttinghausenPaying for Politics: The principles of funding political parties2002
Shamit SaggarRace and Political Recruitment2001
Michael O'Neil and Dennis AustinDemocracy and Cultural Diversity2000
Jeanine Bossy, Stephen ColemanWomenspeak - Parliamentary Deomestic Violence Internet Consultation2000
Greg PowerUnder Pressure: Are we getting the most from our MPs?2000
Dr Karen RossWomen at the Top 20002000

More research on our Women at the Top agenda.

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