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“The Hansard Scholars Programme offers opportunities that are one in a million, providing experiences that cannot be topped. The courses are rigorous but rewarding, engaging and relevant to modern day political life in the UK and beyond.”

Joshua Greiner – Purdue University and Hansard Alumnus

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Academic work on the Undergraduate Programme is divided between the following courses, guest lectures and supervised research.

Module 1: Parliament & Politics

This course examines the context, procedures and politics of British parliamentary democracy. Learning outcomes:

  • Knowledge of British political institutions and the evolution of the British constitution
  • An insight into Parliamentary practice and procedure
  • An awareness of the interaction between Parliament and other institutions and bodies
  • Familiarity with political science approaches to the study of British politics
  • An appreciation of current debates and controversies in British politics

Assessed through a 1,500 word essay and a two-hour examination.

Module 2: Politics & Public Policy

This course analyses current policy issues, including the economy, civil liberties and foreign policy. Learning outcomes:

  • A broad understanding of politics and policy in the United Kingdom
  • the ability to apply theoretical frameworks to contemporary political debates
  • An introduction to the history and institutions of the European Union
  • An insight into the comparisons and contrasts between institutions and policy issues in the UK, Europe and the US

Assessed through two 750-1000 word Policy Briefs and a two-hour examination.


Scholars also pursue an individual research project. The paper is an opportunity for Scholars to develop their own ideas on a topic which interests them and must be 7,000 words in length.

Guest Lectures

Scholars are required to attend a Guest Lecture every other week throughout the Programme. Guest lecturers in past semesters have included:

  • Former Conservative and Labour Cabinet ministers
  • MPs and peers from each of the main British political parties
  • Political journalists from the BBC and national newspapers
  • Experienced lobbyists, campaigners, and policy experts


All Hansard Scholars are reminded that it is their home institution that determines how credit is awarded, not the Hansard Society or LSE. The Hansard Society provides marks that your university can then decide how to use. Universities from the USA typically award 15 credits to students upon successful completion of the Programme:

  • Parliament & Politics – 3 credits
  • Politics & Public Policy – 3 credits
  • Research Project – 3 credits
  • Internship – 6 credits

 Summer Module:  Inside Westminster:  Politics, Policy & Participation

This is a two part course. Part I examines the context, procedures and current issues in  British politics, providing an overview of the British politicsl system and allowing engagement with current themes and issues. Classes are of a participatory nature. Assessment is based on one essay and a three hour written examination at the end of the course. Part II provides the cross-cultural and professional context for the internship and helps Scholars devise and develop strategies for using their internship experience and acquired skills for career and resume-building.  The Part II workshops relate directly to the internship and help to encourage critical analysis and reflection.  Assessment is based on an essay, three 3-500 word blog posts on different themes relating to the internship and contemporary issues in British politics and a self-evaluation document on the internship.

The Summer Programme also includes the Guest Lecture series explained above.


Institutions in the USA typically award 6 credits to students on successful completion of the Summer Programme.

London School of Economics

All Hansard Scholars are registered as associate students at the LSE. The LSE is one of the world’s most prestigious universities and is internationally renowned for its teaching and research in the social and political sciences.

Your LSE associate membership entitles you to full use of the LSE Library – the largest collection of social science material in the world; an LSE email account and use of IT facilities; and access to student shops, bars, public lectures and social events.

All classes take place on the campus of the London School of Economics and all courses and research papers are externally examined by a current member of the LSE Government Department faculty. However, the courses are independently organised and administered by the Hansard Society.

N.B. The internship component of the programme is organised by the Hansard Society independently of the London School of Economics’ own internship programme.

Press enquiries

For press enquiries, please contact:

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Research team

Dr Ruth Fox, Director and Head of Research

Joel Blackwell, Senior Researcher

Scholars Programme dates

Dates for upcoming programmes:

Spring 2016
January 16 - April 23
Fee: £10,250.

Summer 2016
May 21 - July 16
Fee: £6200.

Autumn 2016
September 3 - December 10
Fee: £10,500.

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