Internship placements

“The Hansard Scholars were invaluable in my very small staff. I recall many of the Scholars and their valued contribution; I keep in touch with lots of them.”

Rt. Hon Lord Robertson of Port Ellen – former NATO Secretary General & former UK Secretary of State for Defence

Houses of Parliament at night

All Hansard Scholars undertake an internship which is individually selected by the Hansard Society to match your interests, expertise and career aspirations. As a Hansard Scholar your internship may be with a Member of Parliament in the House of Commons or a Peer in the House of Lords, writing speeches, carrying out research and attending parliamentary meetings; you may be in the parliamentary clerks’ office – with unprecedented access to the behind-the-scenes workings of Parliament; or with the BBC, researching articles and analysing the work of the Government; or with a campaign group, helping to devise and run media campaigns on key social and political issues. You may be based in the national headquarters of a political party or in one of the other many organisations and businesses which drive forward the policy agenda in the UK and beyond.

Past internship hosts have included:

  • Houses of Parliament – offices of MPs belonging to the Labour Party, the Conservative Party, the Liberal Democrats, Plaid Cymru and the Scottish National Party, and Members of the House of Lords
  • The Cabinet Office
  • Government Departments
  • National Labour Party HQ & Conservative Central Office
  • BBC Parliament
  • Campaign groups (incl. Amnesty International, Liberty and the Women’s National Commission)
  • Lobbying/ Public Affairs Organisations Businesses and Consultancies

N.B. The internship component of the programme is organised by the Hansard Society independently of the London School of Economics’ own internship programme.

Press enquiries

For press enquiries, please contact:

020 7710 6080
020 7710 6077
07779 666 771

Research team

Dr Ruth Fox, Director and Head of Research

Joel Blackwell, Senior Researcher

Scholars Programme dates

Dates for upcoming programmes:

Autumn 2014 - Undergraduate
6 September - 13 December 2014 (14 weeks)

Spring 2015 - Undergraduate
17 January - 25 April 2015 (14 weeks)

Summer 2015 - Undergraduate
23 May - 18 July 2015 (8 weeks)

Autumn 2015 - Undergraduate
5 September - 12 December 2015 (14 weeks)

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