Founded in 1944, we are a charity working in the UK and around the world to promote democracy and strengthen parliaments.

Our mission

The Hansard Society believes that the health of representative democracy rests on the foundation of a strong Parliament and an informed and engaged citizenry.

An independent, non-partisan political research and education Society, our work is devoted to:

  1. Exploring the evolution of representative democracy: offering evidence-based ideas for reform of political and parliamentary institutions, processes and culture to help foster democratic renewal.
  2. Educating citizens, particularly young people: so that they have the knowledge and confidence to play an active role in our democracy and be future leaders in civic and political life.
  3. Connecting citizens with parliamentarians and policy-makers: through innovative on and off-line initiatives to address the democratic deficit.
  4. Convening debate on topical political issues: providing a non-partisan forum for the exchange of ideas about our democratic future.

Our annual reports and information about our funding can be found on the ‘How we are funded’ section.

Our annual report and accounts for 2017 will be approved at our AGM in July and published on this website shortly thereafter.