Parliamentary Affairs: A Journal of Representative Politics

Parliamentary Affairs: A Journal of Representative Politics

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About the journal

A quarterly, subscription-based journal, Parliamentary Affairs was founded by the Hansard Society in 1947 and is now published in partnership with Oxford University Press and edited independently by Professors Philip Cowley and Jonathan Tonge.

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The Editors

Professor Phil Cowley

Professor of Politics at Queen Mary, University of London. Amongst his many publications, he is the author (with Dennis Kavanagh) of The British General Election of 2015, and editor (with Colin Hay and Richard Heffernan) of Developments in British Politics. He is currently conducting a Leverhulme-funded project into the constituency work of Members of Parliament and his work on backbench rebellions in the House of Commons is the definitive academic analysis of backbench behaviour in Britain.

Professor Jon Tonge

Professor of Politics at the University of Liverpool. Chair of the Youth Citizenship Commission in 2008-09, he has authored many books and journal articles on British and Irish politics and is currently directing a Leverhulme-funded membership study of the Democratic Unionist Party and an ESRC project on dissident republicans. He has produced a book (with Andrew Geddes) on every UK general election since 1997, including most recently the Parliamentary Affairs special edition Britain Votes 2015.

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