This research finds that long working hours and the competing demands of Westminster and constituency are proving detrimental to the family life of new MPs – yet despite this, most aspire to make politics a long-term career.


Entering Parliament as a new MP is a daunting experience. Exhausted from months of campaigning, they are faced with a huge and multifaceted job for which no job description exists. New MPs need to master the traditions and procedural complexities of the Commons, set up their offices, hire staff, find personal accommodation and re-arrange family life – and that is all before they can properly begin working as a legislator and constituency representative. The challenges are significant and there is no time to waste – the voracious demands and expectations of constituents, party and the 24/7 media are present right from the start.

Table of contents

  1. Executive Summary
  2. Introduction
  3. Salary and expenses:
  4. Change in salary
  5. IPSA
  6. Working operations:
  7. Working hours
  8. Division of time
  9. Work priorities
  10. Voting priorities
  11. Communications and technology
  12. The parliamentary experience:
  13. Satisfaction with Parliament
  14. Impact on personal life
  15. Aspirations
  16. Next steps
  17. Research details

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