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The Devil is in the Detail: Parliament and Delegated Legislation

2001 Cyber Space Odyssey: The Internet in the UK Election

A Place for People: Proposals for Enhancing Visitor Engagement with Parliament’s Environs

A Strategic Guide for Online MPs

A Tale of Two Houses: The House of Commons, the Big Brother House and the People at Home

A Year in the Life: From Member of Public to Member of Parliament (2006)

A Year in the Life: from member of public to Member of Parliament

At home in the new House? A study of Ireland’s first-time TDs

Behind The Digital Campaign: An Exploration of the Use, Impact and Regulation of Digital Campaigning

Bowling Together: Online Public Engagement in Policy Deliberation

Building Digital Bridges: Creating Inclusive Online Parliamentary Consultations

Commission on the Scrutiny Role of Parliament

Connecting Citizens To Parliament: How Parliament Can Engage More Effectively with Hard to Reach Groups

Creating a Working Parliament: Reform of the Commons Chamber

Democracy Online: What Do We Want from MPs' Websites?

Diabetes Dialogue: Online Consultation Report

Digital Citizens and Democratic Participation

Digital Dialogues: Third Phase Report

Digital Jury: The Final Verdict

Dijital Diyaloglar (Turkish)

e-Guide for Parliamentarians

Election Call: A Democratic Public Forum

Elections in the Age of the Internet: Lessons From the United States

Electoral Law and The Internet

Electronic Media: Parliament and the People

Enhancing the Role of Backbench MPs: Proposals for Reform of Private Members Bills

Friend or Foe? Lobbying in British Democracy

#FutureNews: The Communication of Parliamentary Democracy in a Digital World

Gender and Digital Politics

Has Devolution Delivered for Women?

Hearing Voices

How the Other Half Votes

Political Accountability and Transparency: Restoring Trust in the House of Lords

Representative Democracy: House of Commons Reform

I Spy Strangers: Improving Access to Parliment

ICT Foresight: Campaigning and Consultation

Inside the Counting House

Law in the Making: Discussion Paper

Lords Working Practices

Measured or Makeshift? Parliamentary scrutiny of the European Union

Members Only: Parliament in the Public Eye

MPs and Politics In Our Time

MPs Online: Connecting with Constituents

Neglecting Democracy

New Media and Social Inclusion

New Politics, New Parliament

No Overall Control? The Impact of a ‘Hung Parliament’ on British Politics

None of the Above

Opening the Budget Box

Opening Up the Usual Channels

Parliament 2020: Visioning the Future Parliament

Parliament 2020: Visioning the Future Parliament - International Comparisons

Parliament 2020 Visioning the Future Parliament: Report on the National Congress of Chile

Parliament and the Public: Knowledge, Interest and Perceptions

Parliament and the Public Purse

Parliament at the Apex

Parliament for the Future

Parliament in the Age of the Internet

Parliament in the Public Eye 2006: Coming into Focus

Parliament, Politics and Law Making

Parliaments and Public Engagement

Past the Post: Older People and Technology

Paying for Politics

Political Blogs Craze or Convention

Reaching the Public An Examination of Options for Parliamentary Outreach

Sounding out the Public

Spinning the Web

Systematic Scrutiny: Reform of Select Committees

Technology Enhancing Representative Democracy

Technology Enhancing Representative Democracy in the UK

Tell Interim Evaluation Report

The Challenge for Parliament Making Government Accountable

The Fiscal Maze: Parliament Government and Public Money

The internet and the 2010 election

The People Have Spoken

The Public: Politics and the Spaces Between

The Reform Challenge Perspectives on Parliament

The Scottish Parliament 1999-2009: The First Decade

Tuned In or Turned Off? Public Attitudes to PMQs

Tuned in or Turned Off? Public Attitudes to Prime Minister's Questions

Under Pressure: Are We Getting the Most Out of Our MPs?

Watching Parliament On TV

Weblogs a Powerful Voice for Campaigns

Westminister and Europe: Proposals for Change

What Next for e-Petitions

What Price Hansard

What's Trust Got to do with It?

Westminster Lens: Parliament and Delegated Legislation in the 2015-16 Session

Who Governs

Women at the Top Briefing Paper (2012)

Women at the Top (2000)

Women at the Top 2005

Your Parliament

Your Parliament: Make it Work for You