Why run a mock election?

Mock Elections 2017

Mock Elections give pupils of all ages an insight into how the democratic process works. Our free resources enable teachers to recreate the excitement and drama of a real election in school. Students get into the campaigning spirit by running as candidates, creating manifestos, canvassing support, delivering speeches and designing campaign posters as well as casting their first votes on polling day. They also help organise and administer the election to ensure it is free and fair.

Some MPs first stood for election in a Mock Election at school and it inspired them to go on to Westminster. One of the oldest and largest civic education projects anywhere in the world, Mock Elections has been run by the Hansard Society at every general election for fifty years.

It is an active citizenship exercise and a great (and fun!) way to teach young people about elections and democracy and bring the principles and practices of our political system to life. It equips them with valuable knowledge and skills that will enable them to participate fully in future elections and fosters their ability to think critically, research issues, weigh evidence, evaluate different viewpoints, debate ideas, and take informed action.

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Mock election ballot box

Register below to receive a free copy of the 2017 Mock Elections toolkit. All schools that hold a Mock Election are encouraged to register their result with us online by 6pm on Thursday 8 June so that the result can be included in the national Mock Elections in Schools result which will be declared shortly thereafter. Information about how to register the result will be included in the email with the toolkit. In the meantime, share photos, videos and memories of your Mock Election on social media using the hashtag #MockElections2017.