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Amid growing concern about the increase in executive power and the side-lining of Parliament, there has never been a more important time to support us in developing solutions to improve the way Parliament works and to champion more informed public debate about Parliament and parliamentary democracy.

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Workshops / The ‘Retained EU Law’ Act: Practitioners’ Workshop

Gain a competitive edge in today’s evolving legislative landscape. Join our exclusive training webinar on the parliamentary process for implementation of changes to Retained EU Law (REUL). Equip you and your team with invaluable insights to navigate this complex legislation seamlessly. Understand its implications, anticipate the challenges and harness the opportunities. Don’t miss this chance to say ahead of the game and maximise your influence. [CLOSED] 30 June, 12:30pm-2:00pm Online (Zoom)

30 Jun 2023
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Webinars / ‘Serious Disruption’: Parliament, Public Order Acts and protest regulations – What’s going on?

On 13 June, Members of the House of Lords are due to consider a ‘fatal’ motion, aimed at killing the Government’s controversial draft regulations that would lower the threshold of what constitutes ‘serious disruption’ by protestors. However, the legislation, procedures and events in Parliament are complex and confusing. This event outlined exactly what’s going on. [Closed] 12:30pm, 9 June 2023 Online (Zoom) and hosted by Blackstone Chambers

09 Jun 2023
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Members / Annual General Meeting with guest speaker Michael Crick

At our AGM we will be updating Members on the work of the Society and looking ahead to the next year. Our guest speaker is political journalist Michael Crick, who will be talking about his Tomorrow's MPs project, tracking candidate selection processes for the next general election. 6:00-7:30pm, 14 March 2023 This is a Members only hybrid event: in person at our base in Westminster and on Zoom.

21 Feb 2023
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Webinars / More than just ‘talking shops’? The role of international inter-parliamentary assemblies

The creation of the UK-EU Parliamentary Partnership Assembly in 2022 threw a fresh spotlight on the UK Parliament’s participation in such international inter-parliamentary bodies. What do they do? Do they add value? And what is the role at Westminster of the UK assembly Delegations? Watch leading Delegation Members discuss these questions and more. [CLOSED] 7 February 2023 Webinar

07 Feb 2023
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Members / Delegated Legislation Review: Preliminary Recommendations (members’ briefing)

Ahead of publication of the Preliminary Recommendations of the Hansard Society’s Delegated Legislation Review, Members of the Society are invited to a special pre-launch briefing to learn about the key changes that we think are needed to reform how the delegated legislation system works. 1:00pm, 26 January 2023 Private briefing for members (webinar)

26 Jan 2023
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News / Parliament Matters – Legislative bodging: No way to run a chip shop! (Episode 6)

Mark and Ruth look at the growing fashion for re-writing Bills mid-air as they pass through Parliament, adding on all sorts of policy bells and whistles at the last minute.

24 Nov 2023
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Publications / Delegated Legislation: What types are there, and how are they made?

Delegated legislation is the most common form of legislation in the United Kingdom. It is the legislation of everyday life, impacting millions of citizens daily. But the terminology and procedures that surround it are complex and often confusing. This explainer unpacks delegated legislation - the terminology and Parliament's role in scrutinising it - to reveal more about how delegated legislation really works.

05 Dec 2023
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News / Parliament Matters: Total reshuffle, emergency legislation and Parliament’s ‘Golden Ticket’ (Episode 4)

What a week! Suella Braverman's sacking from Government was immediately eclipsed by the appointment of former Prime Minister David Cameron as the new Foreign Secretary. Mark and Ruth explore the many questions this raises, not least for scrutiny of foreign affairs by MPs.

17 Nov 2023
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Blog / HS2 fiasco: What does it mean for Parliament?

The Prime Minister’s decision to cancel the next stage of HS2 has given rise to criticism that once again the Government has ridden roughshod over Parliament. Just over 1,300 hours of legislative time have been spent on four HS2-related Bills over nine Sessions in the last decade. Why has it taken so long and what now happens to that legislation?

15 Oct 2023
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Briefings / 6 things to look out for in Parliament in the next Session

When parliamentarians reassemble at Westminster on 7 November for the start of the new Session, all eyes will be on the legislative programme to be announced in the King’s Speech. Speculation about the likely date of the next general election is rife at Westminster, but until the date is settled there are a lot of parliamentary issues still to be tackled. We’ve picked out a few things to look out for on the political horizon.

07 Nov 2023
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Blog / Hybrid Bills and Parliament: History, procedure and controversies

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Reports / Proposals for a New System for Delegated Legislation: A Working Paper

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Reports / A new structure for interparliamentary relations

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Projects / Delegated Legislation Review

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