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Hansard Society staff are happy to speak to the media about our research and recommendations. The Society’s research team features regularly in broadcast, print and online media, and staff write and contribute to news and comment articles.

News / Parliament Matters – Legislative bodging: No way to run a chip shop! (Episode 6)

Mark and Ruth look at the growing fashion for re-writing Bills mid-air as they pass through Parliament, adding on all sorts of policy bells and whistles at the last minute.

24 Nov 2023
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News / Parliament Matters: Parliament’s ‘Wastefinder General’ on the ‘Big Nasties’ (Episode 5)

Following the Autumn Statement Mark and Ruth are joined this week by Dame Meg Hillier MP, Chair of the Public Accounts Committee in the House of Commons. The Committee is the financial watchdog that has been going since the days of William Gladstone.

24 Nov 2023
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News / Parliament Matters: Total reshuffle, emergency legislation and Parliament’s ‘Golden Ticket’ (Episode 4)

What a week! Suella Braverman's sacking from Government was immediately eclipsed by the appointment of former Prime Minister David Cameron as the new Foreign Secretary. Mark and Ruth explore the many questions this raises, not least for scrutiny of foreign affairs by MPs.

17 Nov 2023
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News / Parliament Matters: Urgent Questions #1 (Episode 3)

Periodically we’ll have special ‘Urgent Question’ episodes to answer your questions about how Parliament works.

13 Nov 2023
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News / Parliament Matters: The King’s Speech, State Opening and the 1922 Committee (Episode 1)

As the Government sets out its legislative plans for the next Session, Ruth and Mark look at the political and parliamentary prospects for the proposals and discuss the latest on what’s happening with HS2 legislation.

10 Nov 2023
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