Results in at the national Mock Election headquarters show that the Labour Party has won the school election campaign across the country by a comfortable majority.

The results

18,732 pupils have taken part in the national Mock Election campaign over the past few days, learning how the democratic process works and recreating the excitement and drama of the general election in school.

Mock Elections 2017 results

We know that the snap election and exam time made organising a mock election very difficult for many schools and participation levels are lower than usual. But mock elections is a great, and fun way to teach young people about elections and bring the principles and practices of our democracy to life. The students who participated this year should be better equipped with the skills and knowledge to take part in a general election when the time comes. A huge thank you to all those schools who took part.

Highlights from the campaign

1. How to run an exit poll (Curtice take note!)

2. Polls open at Cargilfield School

3. Public finances under scrutiny at the Newstead Wood leaders’ debate

4. Spotlight on the candidates at Avalon School as they launch their manifestos

5. Busy counting the votes at Uffculme Secondary School

5. Avalon Returning Officer announces the results!

6. Newstead Wood campaign in full swing

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