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Delegated legislation: the problems with the process

2 Nov 2021

There are problems with both the delegation of powers to make delegated legislation and the scrutiny of the Statutory Instruments (SIs) that arise from those powers. This report sets out some of the central problems that need to be resolved with respect to each of these two aspects of the system.

A number of case studies included in the report evidence the problems and provide practical illustrations of why reform is needed. This report was produced in November 2021 for the public launch of our Delegated Legislation Review, to help ground our case for change. Through our Review, we aim to harness the increased awareness and dissatisfaction that now exists about SIs in order to galvanise reform.

Hansard Society (2021), Delegated legislation: the problems with the process (Hansard Society: London)

Who funds this research?

This research was supported by the Legal Education Foundation as part of the Hansard Society's Delegated Legislation Review.