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The Scottish Parliament 1999-2009: The First Decade

1 Jan 2009
Scottish Parliament, Holyrood

This 2009 publication was the first book about the new Scottish Parliament. It brought together a distinguished group of parliamentarians, commentators and academics to review the achievements, limits and challenges of the new Scottish Parliament after its first ten years.

The Scottish Parliament 1999-2009: The First Decade is a collection of essays by leading figures edited by Professors Charlie Jeffery and James Mitchell. In reviewing the first 10 years of the new Parliament's existence, across a wide range of topics, the book tackled key questions including:

  • To what extent have the founding principles for the Scottish Parliament set out by the Consultative Steering Group been delivered - access and participation, equal opportunities, accountability and power-sharing?

  • Has the Parliament changed how politics is done in Scotland?

  • Has the Parliament matured into an effective legislative body?

  • Have relationships between government, the Parliament and outside stakeholders in local government, interest groups and quangos been improved?

  • What’s the view from Westminster?

  • How does the Scottish Parliament fit into the UK’s changing constitutional architecture?

  • Foreword Alex Fergusson MSP, Presiding Officer, Scottish Parliament

    • Chapter 1 Introduction: The First Decade in Perspective Emma Megaughin and Charlie Jeffery

  • The Parliament in Practice

    • Chapter 2 A Dozen Differences of Devolution Lord Steel of Aikwood

    • Chapter 3 Committees in the Scottish Parliament Chris Carman and Mark Shephard

    • Chapter 4 The Legislative Process: The Parliament in Practice James Johnston

    • Chapter 5 The New Scottish Statute Book: The Scottish Parliament's Legislative Record since 1999 Michael Keating and Paul Cairney

  • The Founding Principles

    • Chapter 6 Access and Participation: Aiming High Bill Thomson

    • Chapter 7 Travelling the Distance? Equal Opportunities and the Scottish Parliament Fiona Mackay

    • Chapter 8 Parliamentary Accountability: Aspiration or Reality? Chris Himsworth

    • Chapter 9 The Principle of Power-Sharing, 10 Years On Joyce McMillan

  • Representative Process

    • Chapter 10 The Scottish Parliament Electoral System: Can Credibility be Restored? Nicola McEwen

    • Chapter 11 New Parliament, New Elections James Mitchell and Robert Johns

    • Chapter 12 Do Devolved Elections Work? John Curtice

    • Chapter 13 Conundrums and Contradictions: What Scotland Wants David McCrone

  • Stakeholders

    • Chapter 14 New Scottish Parliament, Same Old Interest Group Politics? Paul Cairney, Darren Halpin and Grant Jordan

    • Chapter 15 Civil Society and the Parliament Lindsay Paterson

    • Chapter 16 The Media and Parliament Brian McNair

    • Chapter 17 Centre and Locality in Scottish Politics: From Bi- to Tri-partite Relations Neil McGarvey

    • Chapter 18 Quangos, Agencies and the Scottish Parliament Richard Parry

  • The View from Elsewhere

    • Chapter 19 The Scottish Parliament as seen from London Peter Riddell

    • Chapter 20 Opening Doors: Devolution in Wales and the Scottish Parliament, 1999-2009 Alan Trench

  • Futures

    • Chapter 21 The Scottish Parliament, Constitutional Change and the UK's Haphazard Union Charlie Jeffery

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