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Westminster Lens: Parliament and Delegated Legislation in the 2015-16 Session

14 Mar 2017

This report presents original research data on delegated legislation in the 2015-16 parliamentary session. In doing so, it seeks to plug the statistical hole that exists in the understanding of the delegated legislation process, for parliamentarians, officials and observers alike.

This 2017 research report in our Westminster Lens data series builds on our 2014 study The Devil is in the Detail: Parliament and Delegated Legislation. That study laid bare the complexities, weaknesses and contradictions in the delegated legislation scrutiny process, in the first comprehensive study of this process in decades.

This report on delegated legislation in the 2015-16 parliamentary session shines further light on the process by providing detailed original data on the types of delegated powers used, the types, volume and flow of delegated legislation, the amount of parliamentary scrutiny to which Statutory Instruments were subject during the session, and the results of the parliamentary scrutiny process. The report thus furnishes essential data to improve the quality of the political debate around the rights and wrongs of delegated legislation and its scrutiny.

  • Introduction

  • Henry VIII powers

  • Volume

    • Number of pages

    • By department

    • EU-related instruments

  • Type of instrument

    • House of Commons-only instruments

    • English votes for English laws (EVEL)

  • The scrutiny process

    • Scrutiny time

    • Scrutiny of negative instruments

    • The 21-day rule

    • Scrutiny of affirmative instruments 19

  • Rejecting instruments

  • Withdrawn and correcting instruments